"Mother's Wedding" (Fashion People)

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Howard, the Brooklyn-based outfit composed of Howard Feibusch (guitar, vocals), Alex Chakour (guitar, synth, backup vocals), Myles Heffernan (bass), and Chris Holdridge (drums), are pleased to present their new song “Mother’s Wedding,” premiered on NPR Music’s All Songs Considered.


Following their 2016 EP, Please Recycle, which saw praise from the likes of Stereogum, Red Bull, THUMP, XLR8R, FLOOD, Culture Collide, and others, “Mother’s Wedding” presents a return to form. Where Please Recycle found Feibusch and Chakour (Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, Sam Cohen) following their more experimental instincts to repurpose stems from Religion (the band’s debut) into entirely new tracks, “Mother’s Wedding” is the sound of a full band, playing and collaborating together in a room and on record; a first for the project. Lyrically, the track came to Feibusch in a dream. “Right around the time my mother got remarried, I had a dream where I was in a store full of her clothing. It was a thrift store where all the clothes had been worn by her in her lifetime. I remembered tags on the floor and faded/ripped clothing,” he says. “The beginning of the dream felt sad to me and then at some point it switched where I was a spectator at her wedding and I just remembered a rocking 70’s wedding band playing. I wanted the song to follow the different stages of the dream so I switched instrumentation for each section. Every verse was recorded with different drums and guitars to match the dreams nonlinear progression.”


Recorded at Feibusch’s newly-minted Long Island City recording studio, “Mother’s Wedding” is the first track to see daylight from Howard’s forthcoming sophomore album. At once a perfect segue from Religion to this new stage for the band, “Mother’s Wedding” is both gently rollicking and subtly psychedelic; it represents Howard in transition.