Jessica Pratt

On Your Own Love Again (Drag City)

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Jessica Pratt’s self-titled 2012 debut has been much-murmured about in the time between yesterday and today. People respond to the austere, pristine clarity of the performances, the gentle strength, and marvel at how much comes from so little: just a voice and a guitar or two! Now here it is, two years on, and Jessica’s very new On Your Own Love Again is here for us, playing her further adventures in new and different pastures. If they feel removed from the first songs, it may help to know that the recordings of the first album were made some years back with no vision of making an album.


After deep consideration, Jessica found new songs in her and an urgency to make another record, marked with a strong sense about rendering these songs exactly the way she heard them inside herself, spending time with them and crafting the smallest details. In this way, she was able to truly inhabit her own skin as a singer of her songs – and make On Your Own Love Again the first Jessica Pratt album constructed to be an album.


What makes On Your Own Love Again new? Everything, and yet everything woven so subtly into the presentation so as to leave you unaware that you have been modulated upon. The album was recorded entirely by Jessica in the fashion of “Night Faces,” and “Dreams,” from her first album, and mixed in collaboration with Will Canzoneri. Perhaps most significantly, On Your Own Love Again was recorded at home – at places in Los Angeles and San Francisco, over the past two years. This process sands the surface of her more active multi-tracking approach, allowing a sound as delicate and singular as her former recordings.


That’s everything we want from Jessica Pratt and with On Your Own Love Again, we receive!