"Passersby" 7" Selfish Agenda

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Katie Eastburn makes songs that slink and slither, sparkle and shake, and subtly groove. These are contemporary torch songs born at the intersection of intellect and instinct, delivered in a mysterious smolder. They are sharp, noir-hued gems that evoke the intimacy of a piano bar, propelled by futuristic dance floor beats. If there were a lost scene in Bladerunner where a band played in a dive bar while Harrison Ford sweated and bought Sean Young a drink, it would be KATIEE. She would pull him onto the dance floor, and he would be a goner.
Now based in New York, Katie is known as the vocalist, percussionist and songwriter of former Los Angeles-based experimental rock trio Young People. They toured for half a decade in support of albums released by 5RC, Too Pure and Dim Mak. Kill Rock Stars also released her DVD, Starter Set: New Dance and Music for the Camera, featuring her original music and choreography. Recently, Katie choreographed and produced the “Watching Man Forever” video in support of Oneida drummer Kid Millions’ Man Forever project. She is a frequent collaborator and guest vocalist for avant-garde composers Nick Hallett, Jason Cady, Ray Sweeten, and pop artist Nicholas Kyrgovich.
KATIEE’s debut 7”, “PASSERSBY,” out August 4th on Selfish Agenda, recasts the expansive clang and clatter of her musical past. KATIEE will head out on tour in support of this 7” beginning late July. KATIEE (vocals, synth) will be joined by longtime New York collaborators, Jim McHugh (bass), Jeff Tobias (saxophone, synth), and Jason Robira (drums), all enveloped in swelling vintage drum machine textures by oscilloscope artist and composer Ray Sweeten.