Imagori (Grönland)

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Imagori is the first collaborative recording under the banner of Mueller_Roedelius from musical trailblazers Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster, Harmonia) and Christoph H. Müller (Gotan Project). Electronic beats, buoyant piano melodies, percussive elements: an album with atmospheric density that is warm and harmonious throughout – although it thrives on clear contrasts. Imagori is out September 4th on Grönland.

Christoph H. Müller and Hans-Joachim Roedelius are two legendary musicians who are separated by over a generation and a half. Both share a desire to discover, to break through established patterns of thinking and listening – yet they are soundsmiths with completely different natures: Roedelius, as a pioneer of experimental electronic music and a member of Cluster and Harmonia, two trend-setting band projects of the 1970s; Müller, as a composer, producer and soundtrack artist who entered the charts in the late 1980s with the electropop group Touch el Arab and who later shifted his focus to South American roots music and played a significant role in moving the world music genre in an innovative and future-oriented direction with projects like Plaza Francia and the electronic tango of Gotan Project.


The collaboration between Roedelius and Müller arose after they played a series of concerts together in Paris in 2012 where they mainly put on improvised performances based on Roedelius’s “paper” compositions. With Imagori, these two artists have created an album that adds a completely new chapter to their musical oeuvres. It is by no means a typical Christoph H. Müller album – and neither is it quintessential Roedelius music. For Müller, Imagori is a return to his roots as an arranger of beats and electronic music composer. With this album, Roedelius reaches a momentary pinnacle in his impressive list of late works, which have become ever more complex and exciting in recent years. After collaborations with Lloyd Cole and Stefan Schneider and concert series with Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air) and Christopher James Chaplin, Imagori captivates us with its audacious push towards accessibility.


Beat-oriented compositions meet melodic improvisations. The articulation often revels in simultaneous legato and staccato elements; Müller’s beats create a framework with a straight- out pumping downbeat groove, while Roedelius’s piano somnambulistically moves through the tracks. The upshot is an album that comes across as self-contained and pleasantly cohesive – each and every second is enthralling!