NEU! Vinyl Box (Grönland)

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Gröenland are very proud to announce the release of the NEU! Vinyl Box, a complete retrospective of one of the most influential German bands of the 1970’s. The NEU! box set reveals the myth of NEU! and gives deeper insight into the music of NEU!. In addition to the three original NEU! studio albums of the 70’s, the limited edition box set features two additional releases, appearing officially for the first time – NEU! ’86, the most recent studio recordings of NEU!, as well as never before released material, revised by Michael Rother, and NEU! “72 non-public test” maxi-single, a stunning, previously unheard live recording of the band in Düsseldorf. The NEU! Vinyl Box includes a 36-page book with text about the history and workings of NEU!, illustrated with previously unpublished materials and photographs by Anton Corbijn and Peter Lindbergh, amongst others, a stencil of the NEU! logo, and a download code for the digital versions of all the LPs and a NEU! t-shirt (one of three different designs).


A (Very) Brief History of NEU!


The legendary German group NEU! released only 3 albums between 1972 and 1975, but these albums had an influence wildly disproportionate to their modest commercial success, repeatedly praised by and influential to artists such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, DEVO, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Autechre, Radiohead, U2, Wilco, Primal Scream, and beyond. Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger first came to the public’s attention shredding Hendrix-toned riffs and pounding monotonous, tom-heavy beats in a particularly psychedelic 1971 version of Kraftwerk. The pair left after six months to form NEU! and took with them their tandem musical language that would go on to have a far-reaching influence. Dinger’s propulsive beat is often cited as the quintessential motorik drumming, while Rother’s guitar playing made something new from a variety of influences: The timbres were of rock music, but the melodic sense was something else — the scales were bittersweet and very European, accompanied by a Middle-Eastern style open-string drone. The trio of Rother, Dinger, and producer Conny Plank created a cohesive universe where straightforward tones and melodies intermarried with heavily processed elements, where reality could turn itself inside-out or stretch out seemingly forever.


Rother and Dinger parted ways after the third NEU! album. Rother concentrated on Harmonia, his collaboration with Cluster (Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius), and, starting in 1977, released a series of solo records. Dinger began a new project called La Dusseldorf. The pair regrouped in 1985/86 but were never able to complete another album to their mutual satisfaction. In 2008 Klaus Dinger passed away. Regarding the NEU! box set, Rother says, “It was my aim to present Klaus Dinger´s musical strengths and visions just as much as my own ideas. All during the emotional process of reworking our album Klaus was on my mind and I contemplated what he would think about my decisions.”