Part Time

Virgo's Maze (Burger Records)

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Part Time’s new Burger Records’ release, Virgo’s Maze, is a collection of scratches and home recordings spanning the last five years. All songs on the double LP were recorded in and between Los Angeles, San Francisco and El Paso. Part Time mastermind David Loca played all the instruments on Virgo’s Maze with the exception of five of the songs where some friends helped out on drums and bass. “Ganz Wein” also features Geneva Jacuzzi on synths. Part Time’s recording process is ever-evolving depending on location and what’s available. Most of Virgo’s Maze was recorded on tape machine, reel 2 reel and/or usb mixer. It represents the first time David Loca has had complete creative control over an entire album. Virgo’s Maze iz da maze in yur MIND!