Peach Kelli Pop

III (Burger Records

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Peach Kelli Pop originated when Allie Hanlon, originally a drummer, decided to try writing and recording songs in Ottawa, Canada in 2009. Hanlon is known for her catchy, tongue-in-cheek songs inspired by video games, Chinese food, and conspiracy theorists, illustrating not only her playfulness but also her wit and angst. She also grapples with more serious topics like the pressures and challenges women face and the weight of love. Peach Kelli Pop’s energetic live shows on guitar and vocals and is backed by an assembly of female musicians. The live band consists of an additional guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist and percussionist and a drummer.


The band’s third full length, III, is out April 21st via Burger Records. Early today, Stereogum premiered the first single for the album, “Plastic Love,” which you can listen to here. Peach Kelli Pop will hit the road later this month for a month-long tour of the United States and Canada, as well as a tour in Japan supporting the new album.