Beach Fossils

Bunny (Bayonet Records)

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Today, Beach Fossils share their new single/video, “Seconds,” from their forthcoming album, Bunny, out June 2nd on Bayonet. “Seconds” is a charming cut, balancing irresistible guitar lines with frontman Dustin Payseur’s bittersweet lyrics: “When you are here // Seconds are so clear // And it’s all // fading away.”  “Seconds” follows singles “Don’t Fade Away,” “Dare Me,” and “Run to the Moon,” which was praised by Consequence as “a welcome return from a band that is sure to soundtrack your summer.” The accompanying video is a collage of clips from the band’s recent Australian tour. Payseur adds, “Seconds is a song about realizing you love somebody more than they love you.”


From poignant words about a family member’s cancer battle to small, but meaningful moments with friends, Bunny is the band’s most vivid, grounded and personal work to date. The songs reflect on depression, love, adventure, loss, mistakes, New York City, friendships coming and going — a mélange of granular pieces in the process of continuing to find yourself. Payseur’s collage-like lyrics communicate through tone and mood as much as narrative; New York poets like Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan, and Anne Waldman were on his desk, as was the Tao Te Ching.


Bunny continues the stunning evolution of Beach Fossils’ sound, pulling elements from the jangly melancholy of What a Pleasure EP (2011), the gritty, post-punk inspired tracks from Clash the Truth (2013), and the lush arrangements of Somersault (2017). Inspired by the psych-pop of early Verve and Spiritualized albums and perennial influences like The Cure, Wire, The Byrds, and The Velvet Underground, Bunny was produced and recorded by Payseur himself, with Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent, Soccer Mommy, Lil Peep) mixing.