“Where I End and You Begin” (Bayonet)

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Bloomsday — the project of Brooklyn-based songwriter Iris James Garrison (they/them) — presents their new single, “Where I End and You Begin,” on Bayonet Records. Recorded at the Chicken Shack, “Where I End and You Begin” was mixed by Henry Stoehr of Slow Pulp and produced by Ryan Albert of Babehoven. Iris’ vocals float atop delicate acoustic guitar before steely electrics reverberate in, bringing the song to its cathartic climax. “Where I End and You Begin” follows the release of their self-produced debut album Place To Land, their recent contribution to Hardly Art’s anniversary singles series, “Jersey Soccer,” and an alternate version of Place to Land standout “Phase,” released earlier this year on Bayonet. A natural extension of Place to Land’s soft folk foreground, “Where I End and You Begin” offers a beautiful first glimpse at what Bloomsday has in store for 2024.


Iris says: “‘Where I End and You Begin’ is about entering a memory of someone and feeling all of the sensations that come through the body in a flash. Someone’s car, how they smell, the presence of someone you no longer know but will always know. Losing sense of reality for a moment in time, in a dream state, as the veil comes down.”


Bloomsday are currently touring with Becca Mancari and playing The Echo in Los Angeles tonight before another week of dates across the Southwest.