Caleb Landry Jones

Gadzooks Vol. 2 (Sacred Bones)

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“[Caleb Landry Jones’] vocals are soulful yet far-out as he plays with the binaries of psychedelia and tinkers with genre euphoria.” – FLOOD

Award-winning actor, visual artist, and musician Caleb Landry Jones releases a new single/video, “Croc Killers 2,” from his new album, Gadzooks Vol. 2, out November 4th via Sacred Bones. While last month’s lead single/video, “Touchdown Yolk,” offered “a sort of Cowboys From Hell vibe” (Consequence), “Croc Killers 2” is a chugging, theatrical prog-rock jam. The accompanying video is an eerie surrealist cartoon collage – a Shulah Shakah Production by Katya Zvereva, Henry Hopper and Jones. He introduces the video, saying: “It started with a stretch…


Recorded with Nic Jodoin in the famed Valentine Recording Studios, Gadzooks Vol. 2 was made alongside Jones’ debut album The Mother Stone. The team invited a slew of heavy hitting musicians to the studio to contribute to the magic, and the resulting album sounds a bit like pink elephants in cowboy hats making ASMR — at least for the first 20 seconds before it seamlessly changes entirely.


Gadzooks Vol. 2 is his most soothing and sublime collection to date. And while most artists don’t save some of the best music of their career for an album with Vol. 2 in the title, Jones is an artist for whom chronology is a slippery substance.