Our Bodies Paint Traffic Lines (Cool Online)

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fanclubwallet — the project Canadian singer-songwriter Hannah Judge — announces a new, full band EP, Our Bodies Paint Traffic Lines, out March 29th on Cool Online, and shares lead single “Band Like That.” The 24-year-old, until now proudly DIY in her approach, has enlisted the help of three close friends from the Ottawa scene (who also happen to be her touring band) for her most exciting release yet and “Band Like That” is the first taste of the band’s new direction. “I had spent months studying everyone else’s bands,” says Hannah, acknowledging a love for the likes of Metric, Pinback, Plumtree and Alex G. “What made them so good? Why couldnt I be like them? And that’s where this new track came from.” In the accompanying video, Hannah’s character obsesses over a local band, eventually kidnapping its members and becoming headline news in a real-life newspaper called Club Chronicles created by Hannah herself and to be distributed around her hometown of Ottawa in the near future.


Once upon a time Hannah had been perfectly content sitting at home alone mucking around with cheap keyboards. But as fanclubwallet garnered more and more listeners on streaming services (breakthrough song “Car Crash in G Major” currently sits pretty on 13 million Spotify plays), a nationwide live tour quickly became an inevitability – even if it was something the once “debilitatingly shy” Hannah never expected would happen to her.


Things change when you leave the confines of your bedroom — not least the need to reconceptualize certain songs for a full-band dynamic. Thankfully for Hannah, that transition from DIY singer-songwriter to band leader was free of the usual tensions. In fact, since fanclubwallet had already started touring as a quartet before the new material came along, it could hardly have been simpler.


“I was lucky that when the time came to find a band, I had one standing right in front of me,” she says. Step forward: Nathan Reid (bass), Eric Graham (guitar) and Michael Watson, who not only played drums, but produced and mixed the record. “It’s cool to let your best friends take the lead,” says Hannah, who’s known half the band since way back in third grade, and once upon a time acted as their tour photographer. “They feel like my arms and my legs. Extensions of myself!”


After tracking one demo in a LA Airbnb and another in Alabama when their van broke down while on tour, the four of them de-banked to a cottage in Gatineau, Quebec, before applying the final touches at Port William Sound in Frontenac, Ontario – “an awesome place in the middle of nowhere.” The result is an EP partly conceived on the road which also deals thematically with the trials and tribulations of living and working in music — whether that’s the initial shock of leaving your more normal sedentary existence behind, band envy, stage fright, creepy photographers or simply finding joy in the collective.


Taking inspiration from 90s zine culture and leaning on Hannah’s side hustle as a cartoonist, fanclubwallet will release the EP with an exclusive set of comics, trading cards and chord charts for each song allowing fans to play along.