Free Range

Loft Sessions (Mick Music)

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Today, Free Range — the project of Chicago musician Sofia Jensen — announces their new EP, Loft Sessions, out November 17th on Mick Music, and presents its arresting lead single, “The Moon.” Following Jensen’s debut, Practice, released earlier this year via Mick Music, Loft Sessions lifts its title from where it was recorded: Wilco’s storied studio, The Loft. Produced by Jensen,  Loft Sessions is a portrait of Free Range at their most stripped-back. Alongside intimate reworkings of select Practice tracks, Loft Sessions presents three new songs — “Way Out,” “Nothing,” and today’s “The Moon” — alongside a cover of the classic Townes Van Zandt cut, “Tecumseh Valley.”


“‘The Moon’ is a song about change. About things moving so fast that it feels disorienting,” says Jensen. “Oftentimes I will cling to things that are familiar when I experience this, when it would be better to simply let those things go. Clinging to the past when life is moving forward around me is something that has only distanced me more from people and things that I care about. Writing this song was my way of acknowledging that and trying to let go of someone.” Where Practice feels like the dappled Scandinavian forests where Sofia spent their summers growing up, “The Moon” feels wistful–a trip down memory lane tethered to what is still yet to come.


Many tracks on Loft Sessions feature Sofia alone at the piano, emphasizing the poetic observations that capture the small details and emotional nuances of the people, places, and moments in their life. It feels like waving prairie grasses warmed by the late afternoon sun, or like a contemplative cup of coffee on the porch first thing in the morning.


Kicking off later this month, Free Range will open for Strawberry Guy in New York and on the West Coast. A full list of dates can be found below and tickers are on sale now.