Girl Talk

Full Court Press (Asylum/Taylor Gang)

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Last month, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA and Girl Talk dropped their new collaborative album, Full Court Press, via Asylum/Taylor Gang. Today, they present a humorous video for album track, “Ready For Love.” Each song on Full Court Press has a distinctive sound that makes up a cohesive whole. On “Ready For Love,” a standout collaboration between Wiz and Girl Talk featuring Nile Rodgers on guitar, Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis flips Chic’s “Soup For One,” which, in his words, “​​was crucial because there’s nothing else like it on the album, but the sample and overall energy blends smoothly with the other songs. This was the only song on the project where we ended up having a sample clearance issue. We needed to get a replay done, which I wasn’t thrilled about because I love the quality of the recording in the original song. We decided to reach out to Nile Rodgers, and he actually agreed to do the replay, which I couldn’t believe! He absolutely nailed it.”


One of my favorite songs from the project,” says Wiz. “Love how Girl Talk flipped it.”


For the video, which was directed by Andy Koeger and filmed at The Globe in downtown LA, Gillis cheekily says: “when I learned that Wiz was capable of juggling chainsaws, breaking bricks with his bare hands, elite database hacking, and hatching baby dinosaurs. I decided that we had to include those skills in the video.”


Full Court Press is a culmination of friendships going back ten-plus years and a “unique intersection of all of our work,” says Gillis. From Wiz’s melodic sensibility to K.R.I.T.’s rhythmically tight delivery to DZA’s colorful wordplay, all of the artist’s distinct styles play off of each other.