Pre Strike Sweep (In The Red)

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GØGGS, the Los Angeles-based group comprised of co-founders Chris Shaw (vocals) and Ty Segall (guitars), and Michael Anderson (bass) and Charles Moothart (drums, guitar), are set to release their second album, Pre Strike Sweep. With Pre Strike Sweep, GØGGS add a new level of primordial anxiety to their already catastrophic symphony immediately evident via the album’s title track and lead single. As Shaw describes it, “’Pre Strike Sweep’ is a song about undergoing a drastic change and creating your own reality. It’s a song about trust, destruction, and rebirth. Sometimes you got to blow everything up and start from a new beginning.


Written collaboratively as a band with lyrics by Shaw, and recorded and mixed over the last year by Segall, Pre Strike Sweep explores the damaging affects of modern life before blowing them up one by one. It’s a strange and different trip to the “Glendale Junkyard” Shaw romanticized on the band’s debut album as the rhythm section provides a white-hot pummeling to the rejuvenated GØGGS sound.