Holger Czukay

Cinema (Grönland)

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Influential German label Grönland are proud to announce the release of Cinema, a retrospective boxset of music by legendary musician Holger Czukay. Following his death last year, Cinema explores his extensive back catalogue of music he made as a solo artist and also features several high profile collaborations with artists as iconic and diverse as Brian EnoJah Wobble and Karlheinz Stockhausen, alongside previously unreleased music.


The box set is being released on March 23rd to coincide with what would have been (nearly) Holger’s 80th birthday (March 24th) and also coincides with CAN’s 50th anniversary since their inception. The boxset comes in either vinyl or CD and has 5 discs that guide you chronologically through Holger’s recording career, one that spilled over 5 decades.


The music in this box set demonstrates Holger’s masterful arrangements of sounds and sources, movement and melody, humor and seriousness. It also reveals a unique worldview where high artistic rigor meets continual openness to chance and serendipity. In this, Holger not only cut and pasted music, but time, place and mindsets, when such things in popular culture were not only technically near impossible, but virtually unprecedented.


In keeping with Holger’s reputation as an artist ahead of his times, it is fitting that the vinyl boxset includes a “Vinyl Video“: a system that makes it possible to store video footage on vinyl. The revolutionary 7” contains a previously unreleased video of Holger introducing his first video recording, said video recording, and the music video for his iconic track “Cool In The Pool” from his 1979 album Movies.