Jackie Mendoza

Galaxia de Emociones (ZZK Records)

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California-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jackie Mendoza presents “Mousetrap,” the new single from her forthcoming debut album, Galaxia de Emociones, out March 3rd on ZZK Records. Written and produced by Mendoza and Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear), “Mousetrap” infuses trap-style beats, fluttery hi-hats, a slappy snare, and 808 basslines with guitar, bass, and ukulele. “I named the demo ‘Mousetrap’ because I thought it was a fun play on words relating to the trap beats, but it painted an image in my head about how some relationships are like mazes and the breakup is a mousetrap,” Mendoza says. The accompanying music video, directed by Artie Tamayo, was filmed in Mendoza’s neighborhood park in Golden Hill, San Diego, and features animation by Karina Cervantes. Taking inspiration from breakup anthems by Alanis Morissette and Guns & Roses, Mendoza adds: “I wanted this video to have layers and for it to feel raw and ambitious, like the ones I would see on MTV in the ‘90s.”


With Galaxia de Emociones (Galaxy of Emotions), Mendoza proves there is both power and tenderness in embracing the fullness of your being and not doubting your instincts that might have been discouraged by society. “This album is about finding the courage to not only face my emotions, but also sharing them by singing them out loud.” With her hypnotizing voice and vivid lyricism, Mendoza makes fantastical, intimate electro-pop propelled by ukulele-based dance grooves. ​​Galaxia de Emociones sees her exploring a great range of feelings: depression, celebration, outrage, numbness, hopelessness, and thrilling love. She uses each emotion as a portal to convey the intricacies of her experience as a queer, first-generation Mexican American woman, who actively defies and criticizes machismo and the Christian culture she was surrounded by in her youth.


“When creating Galaxia de Emociones, I was seeking the power within to heal myself and express my reality through music,” says Mendoza. “There are endless emotions, some of which I can’t put a name to; but the one I could clearly see and learn to focus on is love. Written in times of political turmoil, and a global pandemic, I found love and power within myself to create songs that speak to my truth and vulnerability, encouraging listeners to accompany me in looking within and connecting with their own galaxy of emotions.”


Mendoza recently announced tour dates — including SXSW — listed below. Tickets are on sale now.