Kaleah Lee

"Where'd The Time Go?"

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Vancouver-based artist Kaleah Lee shares “Where’d The Time Go?,” her first new single from a forthcoming project out next year. Hushed and organic, it’s an intimate glimpse at her artistic prowess that extends from poetic field recordings to tender folk. Written and produced by Lee herself, “Where’d The Time Go?” began as a poem which she then set to an intricate guitar-picking pattern. “Noticed the hollowing out of your cheeks // How you’ve grown up to desire nights quiet and meek,” Kaleah sings. “How you welcome the tears // How did you switch to tea?”


“I initially wrote ‘Where’d The Time Go?’ when I had a few moments to myself on my birthday this year,” says Kaleah. “For me, birthdays are a strange and bittersweet thing, being a day when the reality of getting older is scarily magnified. The song is a sort of meditation on not only being hit with the fact that I’m getting older, but also that my parents and loved ones are getting older too. Time is so, so precious, and all the change that comes with each passing year seems to become more and more obvious, whether I want it to or not. ‘Where’d The Time Go?’ feels like a time capsule for me, and I know that I’ll appreciate looking back at it being such a candid and specific representation of how I felt on that day.”


Raised in suburban Vancouver, Kaleah began playing music at her church, eventually focusing on piano and guitar as she got older. She wrote her first original music in 2020, and was encouraged by her sister to release it.  Kaleah started turning heads with her original songs on TikTok, amassing over 20 million views, 85k followers, and receiving the attention of Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Maggie Rogers, Gracie Abrams, and more. That buzz turned into high demand for more new music; Kaleah responded in 2022 with a string of singles, including her debut, “Heavy Handed,” resulting in over 4 million streams, playlist covers on Spotify’s coveted “Fresh Finds” and Tidal’s “Rising,” and spots in Spotify’s “Fresh Finds Class of 2022” and Tidal’s “Rising Best of 2022.”


On Tuesday, November 28th, Kaleah will perform at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver with Katie Tupper. Tickets are available here.