Laetitia Sadier

Rooting For Love (Drag City)

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Today, Laetitia Sadier – co-founder and singer for the legendary band Stereolab – arrives with her new album Rooting For Love on February 23rd via Drag City, her first since 2016’s Find Me Finding You. Alongside the album’s announcement, Sadier shares the video for lead single “Une Autre Attente” and announces 2024 North American tour dates. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, November 17 at 10AM local time.


Over the course of her career, spanning three-plus decades, Laetitia Sadier has never shied away from the hard topics, or stopped advocating for the possibility of self determination and emancipation in the face of the powers that be, conscious or unconscious. This is an essential part of the foundation she co-built with Stereolab, showcasing her spiritual, scientific and sociopolitical inquiries. She’s continued this process with Monade and under her own name and as a writer/singer/musician whose every album acts as a report on her journey of the self through time, space and the collective.


On Rooting For Love, the album  is set alight by the heat of a turbulent world, collapsing institutions and Laetitia’s fully engaged process of expression as well as orchestration. Her songs score the complexities and harmonies within this directive: organ, guitar, bass, synth, trombone, vibraphone, live and programmed drums, and a vocal assembly of men and women billed as The Choir, working intricate chord/tempo/and dynamic changes, as Laetitia’s empathic presence leads the way.


Past wounds are addressed again and again in the libretto, as the music provides a transformational balm to aid the healing process. The melodic funk of bassist Xavi Muñoz leads a Chic-adjacent slink to the occasional dance floor vibes and no-wave rockouts, while Hannes Plattemier and Emma Mario take turns mixing the tracks and informing the far reaches of the material, utilizing  additional drum programming and synths alongside a talented cast of players and singers from Lætita’s Source Ensemble and beyond.


With its flashy funk-beat, Rooting For Love’s lead single, “Une Autre Attente”, evolves from a radiant rhythmic core through dynamic oscillations of sound and word alike.  Using cut-up technique to find surprising places in her themes, Laetitia glides through the whirling winds of ego and duality. The accompanying kaleidoscopic music video, created by Spencer Bewley, immerses viewers in a whirlwind of vibrant colors and dynamic movement—visually expressing the song’s thematic subject matter of confronting illusions of certainty and control through a multilayered audiac prism.


Alongside her collaboration with Modern Cosmology, last year’s incredible What Will You Grow Now?, as well as her continued tours with a reformed Stereolab, Rooting For Love finds Laetitia back in the world, once again urging all our grounded inner alignment and heart power to make us better equipped for creating what’s to come.