Lala Lala

I Want The Door To Open (Hardly Art)

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Lala Lala, the project of Chicago-based musician Lillie West, is finally on tour in support of her new album, I Want The Door to Open, released last fall via Hardly Art, and today releases a new single, “Memory.” As Bandcamp describes, “[I Want The Door To Open’s] production has the rippling feel of a psychedelic experience,” and “Memory” follows in-step with this sound. Co-produced by Andrew Broder, it opens with West’s alto intoning over murky, melancholy sonics, and in a quick turn, expands with synth, a jockeying beat, and warped vocals that hover in the background. “‘Memory’ is about ‘euphoric recall’ and letting go of fantasy,” says West. “Is it magic or a meaningful coincidence or are you just obsessed?” It features synth and piano by WHY’s Yoni Wolf, who co-produced I Want The Door To Open.


The Lala Lala I Want The Door To Open tour is underway. Lillie (vocals, guitar) is joined by Abby Black (drums/samples), Reno Cruz (guitar, vocals), and Yasmine Mifdal (keyboard, saxophone). A full list of dates can be found below and tickets are on sale now.