Let’s Eat Grandma

Two Ribbons (Transgressive Records)

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Let’s Eat Grandma – the duo composed of songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and vocalists Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth – share “Levitation,” the final single from their forthcoming third full-length album Two Ribbons, out April 29th on Transgressive Records. “Levitation” is accompanied by a surreal and ethereal video directed by Noel Paul, who also worked with the band on the video for “Happy New Year.” One of the most hopeful songs on the record, “Levitation” is a glimmering and expansive track, driven by soaring synths.


Walton explains, “It’s about feeling all over the place, escaping to your imagination and being in a disorientating and surreal mental state, which can be both scary and elevating somehow – everything feels more creative and things look brighter. You’re with someone you’re close to, trying to reach out and connect to them, and even though you’re both struggling, you’re able to find comfort in one another, and have an absurdly funny yet meaningful time together. You begin to see some hope in your future again after a time when you’d started to lose sight of that.”


In conjunction with today’s release, Let’s Eat Grandma announce their first tour in over three years which will see them playing shows across UK and North America in support of Two Ribbons. A full list of dates can be found below and tickets go on sale this Friday, March 25 at 10am local time.


Co-produced by David Wrench and Let’s Eat Grandma, Two Ribbons is astonishing: a dazzling, heart-breaking, life-affirming and mortality-facing record that reveals the duo’s growing artistry and ability to parse intense feelings into lyrics so memorable you’d scribble them on your backpack. Following the critical acclaim for 2018’s I’m All Ears, Walton and Hollingworth began to find themselves as individuals, tastes differing here, reactions jarring there. There was a time when both felt a little trapped, and Two Ribbons treads a fine line expressing the most intimate feelings of, whilst making space for, the different perspectives of two women. It can be heard as a series of letters between the two of them, taking the place of conversations as they try to make sense of the rift in their relationships. The nature of Two Ribbons is cyclical; there is sadness, and pain, and joy, and hope – and the knowledge that no matter what detours we take, we are all connected.