Madi Diaz

History Of A Feeling (ANTI-)

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Madi Diaz’s History Of A Feeling, released last year on ANTI-, is “a bold and confident, beautifully written collection of bracing, honest songs” (NPR Music). Today, she presents “Hangover,” a new single/video, and announces a headlining North American tour.  “Hangover” yet again captures Diaz’s extraordinary ability to put into words even the toughest feelings. Over guitars, bass and drums, Diaz sings about the residual emotions of a past relationship: “I’m always missing on you sometimes // But I always take a hit even though I’ll feel it in the morning // Even though I say you’re not important // I try to get a little closure but I still wake up with your hangover.” It’s Diaz at her most passionate and open – an immediate rock song to resonate with anyone who has worked through the end of a relationship.


I wrote ‘Hangover’ with Jesse Thomas and Drew Pearson when I was still feeling the lagging throws of heartbreak—the waking up in withdrawal, aching, reeling over a person and all the things that come after it’s over,” says Diaz. “Sometimes it feels like you’re just stumbling around a city and in every corner there’s a memory. At every table in every restaurant some argument, on every street corner some kiss, at the 7 eleven some melt down. ‘Hangover’ is about bumping into that old feeling and reliving the less appealing side effects of not being in love with that person anymore.”


The accompanying video, directed by Joey Broadnax, is a stunning, psychedelic visual starring Diaz, which she “could only describe as full immersion light therapy. Joey conjured these huge flashing screens towering around me, making a space for me to get lost in performance and really feel every heartbeat of the song. We were in a world inside of a world. With 2 generators and 42 feet of LED walls, I’m sure it looked like we were throwing a mini warped tour in my backyard.”


Last month, Diaz won the A2IM Libera Award for Best Americana Record for History Of A Feeling. Following an appearance at Newport Folk Festival and dual nights opening for Harry Styles at arenas in Toronto, Diaz will tour across North America. A full list of dates can be found below and tickets are on sale this Friday at 10am local time.