Matt Muse

So Far, So Decent

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Chicago/LA-based rapper Matt Muse announces his new mixtape, So Far, So Decent, out September 19th, and presents its lead single/video, “Let It Out” (feat. Emoni Brown-Bey), produced by Sebastian Kamae. His first project since the “sharp writing and soulful production” (VIBE) OF 2019’s Love & Nappyness, So Far, So Decent paints a picture of Muse’s art at its most pure. Across its five tracks — which includes the previously shared “Leave Here,” praised by FLOOD as “a must listen” —  the confidence and bravado Muse carries on the daily remains front and center: “For folks not from Chicago, I know decent may have one meaning, but for us Chicagoans, decent means: dope, fire, good af, incredible, amazing. Decent as hell.”


Lead single, “Let It Out,” So Far, So Decent’s moody opener, sets the tone for the tape’s energy and style. Its accompanying video, directed by Gracie Koh, is an artistic and pensive endeavor, book-ended by beautiful shots of Muse by the sea. “Let It Out” stands as a demand from Muse for everyone around him — friends and haters alike — to let him be his rawest self.


“As an artist, I’ve felt confined to only talk about certain topics or present a crystal clear image,” says Muse. “This song is my declaration that those days are done, and I’m going to be the person and artist that I want to be.”


The self-assured energy of “Let It Out” shapeshifts throughout the mixtape, permeating the differing sounds that are captivating Muse’s ear at this moment. “My last couple projects felt in some ways like me trying to show the artists in my community that I am good at making songs, and trying to make songs that would be accepted by the general listeners,” says Muse. “These songs are a complete vacation from that mindset and approach. They are guided by my trust in myself, my love for music, and my love for rapping.”


The change in approach is apparent almost immediately. Muse calls out to those listening to “let me talk my sh*t, let me pop my sh*t,” he flexes recent successes elsewhere (“Blow a Nike check, I just did. This my real life, what’s a bucket list?”), and collaborates with Chicago stalwarts — including OG Stevo and Boathouse — on tracks that break down feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, under-appreciation, and imposter syndrome. Where 2018’s Nappy Talk and 2019’s Love & Nappyness both examined self-love and the various ways love appears in Muse’s own life, So Far, So Decent is a reflection of pure confidence. He knows his worth and what he’s capable of, and across these five pristine tracks, it’s infectious. Decent as hell.