Moshe Kasher

Crowd Surfing (Comedy Dynamics)

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Moshe Kasher is a stand-up comedian and acclaimed author. He hosts several podcasts (The Hound Tall Discussion Series, The Endless Honeymoon Podcast with wife Natasha Leggero, and the dearly departed Champs podcast), has written and produced for TV (Another Period, Wet Hot American Summer, Little America, and the upcoming Betty on HBO), appeared as an actor on numerous shows (Portlandia, The League, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more), and even hosted his own show, Problematic, for Comedy Central.  All that stuff is cool and all, but today, he shares the thing he’s best at. Crowd Work


Often maligned as a lazy move, or something designed to kill time during a set, crowd work is not acknowledged as the elemental part of the stand up art form that it is. Or, perhaps that’s because many have only been exposed to hacky or lazy crowd work. To see a master at work is, as Moshe claims in his new album,  Crowd Surfing, akin to seeing a jazz great go off the page and do a solo. So it is in the spirit of some of his fellow crowd work masters, such as Patrice O’Neal, Paula Poundstone, Todd Barry, and Don Rickles, that Moshe brings his razor sharp quick wit to this fully crowd-work driven album that functions like a semi-concept album – going beyond the “Who are you and what do you do for a living” trope and into the wildest stories this Washington D.C. crowd had to offer. It gets weird. It’s an hour of the intimate interplay between performer and audience that traverses pressing topics like beer bongin’ colt 45 and molesting a giraffe while on molly – some of the stories are hard to believe. Crowd Surfing is out January 24th via Comedy Dynamics, but you can listen to the sneak peek track – and one of the albums many wild stories – “DJ’s Mom.”