Pet Shimmers

"Sonder" b/w "Edgelord" 7" (Brokers Tip)

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Bristol, UK-based band Pet Shimmers release their “Sonder” b/w “Edge Lord” 7” today via Bob Nastanovich’s Brokers Tip Label. Following the “itchy and muffled” (Stereogum) “Sonder,”  “Edge Lord” starts off a bit more pared back. Mellow vocals and strumming give way to melancholy, droning percussion and spurts of guitar. The lyrics are visceral and abstract. “​​‘Edge Lord’ is a love letter to the golden ratio of the deep online forums where freedom plays out like a Wild West movie,” says frontman Oliver Wilde. “I wrote it after watching a BBC documentary about Pepe the frog, and the misdirected violence of online freedom. It’s about the cowboys and cowgirls who flood the depths of the internet with love and hate, it’s a reflection — or rather — a re-contextualisation for the best and for the worst elements of the human condition.”


Pet Shimmers is an eclectic ensemble made of a collaborative core; solo artist (and recent Katy J Pearson collaborator) Oliver Wilde helms songwriting alongside William Carkeet, emerging producer and one half of London duo Robbie & Mona. Newest recruit Jonny Allan once took center stage duties for the influential Happyness, drummer Mig Schillace spent earlier years drumming for Portishead, and bedroom solo project Soft Den sits with Florrie AL. Melody extraordinaire Lexie Jennings and guitarist Rich Clarke complete the ensemble.


Considering the source of the music files (Bristol’s young wit and raconteur Richard Walsh) and the decorated personnel in play, I had heightened expectations for the tuneage of Pet Shimmers,” says Bob Nastanovich. “Usually, that works against my enjoyment of something I haven’t heard. Pet Shimmers easily overcame that. They serve up an unique twist. Get in.”