Sam Gellaitry

IV (Viewfinder Recordings)

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Scottish electronic producer and singer/songwriter Sam Gellaitry shares a new single, “Gullible.” With Sam’s own high-octane vocals and captivating signature production, “Gullible” is a bouncy track destined to lift your mood instantly. “‘Gullible’ is a song I wrote about surrendering yourself to the vulnerability of falling for someone,” says Sam. “Sometimes the velocity can catch you off guard but when the feelings are mutual there is a sense of invincibility that comes after letting your guard down and being open to the journey.” The accompanying video was directed and edited by Sam himself.


Earlier this year, Sam released his EP IV, which introduced a new phase of Sam’s career as he embraced both his Scottish heritage and his unparalleled and unadulterated passion for creativity. IV was a testament to why Sam’s career comes back to why he does it all in the first place. He loves creating and playing around with different colours. It’s like a form of magic: a source of respite, release and happiness. About his music, Sam explains, “I want all my work to paint a joyful image of the process of creation.”


Sam’s music is a journey through experience, circumstance, and surroundings told through his impressive, synesthesia-informed knowledge of different musical tones. For him, songwriting and producing has always connected to a process of pairing and contrasting different tones – “using the notes to create different sensations – like tension or relief in your head.” In practice, this technique has seen him experiment with high-definition club music, crisp hip hop production, dabs of orchestral instrumentation and more. It signals a new phase of Sam’s career, and an embrace of his unparalleled and unadulterated passion for creativity.