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Amplificado (Inside Outside Records)

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“…a first-rate songwriter and band leader.” — Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

“Jason Narducy is the reason Foo Fighters exists (just ask Dave Grohl). He’s also in possession of rock’s sexiest elbows (just ask Ian Rubbish).” — NPR Music

“‘Metal Frames’ [. . .] is full of compact, bristling and melodic rock songs indebted to snarling punk, noise-laced pop, muscular classic rock and Cheap Trick.” — Salon

“With ‘Metal Frames,’ Narducy not only avoids the sophomore slump, he enters MVP territory.” — Magnet

“…a powerhouse pop record that prides itself on tenacious vocals and resolute rhythm guitar.” — Stereogum

“You won’t see more indie rock cred than on the CV of Jason Narducy.” — KEXP, “Song of the Day”

When Jason Narducy reached out and asked me to write the bio for Split Single’s third album, I immediately and enthusiastically said ‘yes’. It has always been a dream of mine to write a bio for the third album of a somewhat known indie band. “What to have for lunch?,” I thought to myself as I sat down to write, only to get right back up and head to the kitchen. After lightly sauteing some leftover three cheese ravioli, as well as warming some leftover BBQ jackfruit with sliced cherry tomatoes thrown in, along with a side salad dressed with a homemade vinaigrette and a drizzle of coco aminos, and a can of ice cold seltzer to wash it all down, with a square (ok, two!) of sea salt infused dark chocolate for dessert, I was ready to take a nap before writing the bio. 2 hours later, as the sound of my own screaming woke me on the couch (anxiety dream where I was being murdered), I felt refreshed and ready to write! I boiled some water, brewed a mug of matcha green tea with turmeric, added some local honey and frothed oat milk, and headed to the couch. One level of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare turned into finishing the entire game, and four hours later, I felt ready to nail this bio for Jason! So I brewed another mug of tea (ginger peach), put it on ice, and then sat at my laptop and regurgitated the info that he sent me: ‘Amplificado’ is the 3rd Split Single album. It’s their first release in nearly 5 years. The album features Jason Narducy, Mike Mills, and Jon Wurster. Verböten, a band Jason was in as a kid which I guess had some mild, local success in Chicago, had a musical done about them that I think did okay in early 2020 and then like all of us, got fucked by Covid.  Enjoy the album!

— Jon Glaser 


Split Single, the collective project of Chicago-based musician Jason Narducy (Bob Mould Band, Superchunk, Verbow), announces their new album, Amplificado, out June 25th on Inside Outside Records. Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Narducy (guitar/vocals), REM’s Mike Mills (bass), Jon Wurster (drums), Amplificado is a tight collection of rock songs dealing with the anxiety of living through a chaotic and cruel Republican majority rule and under the limitations of a worldwide pandemic. The new album comes nearly five years after the release of Split Single’s 2016 album, Metal Frames, “a powerhouse pop record that prides itself on tenacious vocals and resolute rhythm guitar” (Stereogum) recorded with Wurster and Wilco’s John Sitrratt, and last year’s acclaimed, Jeff Award-nominated production of Verböten, a musical inspired by Narducy’s now-seminal childhood punk rock band of the same name.

Amplificado comprises some of the tightest, most direct and high-energy songwriting of Narducy’s established career. The opening cut, at first listen, is a marching band instrumental teetering off the rails. The title (“caPtAIN calamIty’S crUde pRocCessiON”) and sound effects are chock full of Easter eggs but the song disappears in less than a minute. The defiant “Blood Break Ground” establishes a story of breaking out from under oppression and finding a new home and purpose. Mills’ bass and backing vocals are on a constant trajectory to the end alongside Wurster’s propulsive power. Narducy’s voice shreds to pieces as he bellows “Condescension comes with a price, tear away all lingering ties.”

“Stone Heart World” and “95 Percent” are a one-two punch of political frustrations and inner turmoil. With its punk rock take on “Lust For Life”‘s beat, the former sounds upbeat and catchy, defying the scathing lyrical take on GOP ethos: “No answers, just a way to keep ten yachts floating on school kids lost hope”.

“95 Percent” closes with “whoa whoa whoa” gang vocals as if Superchunk went through a Springsteen phase. The sparse and vulnerable “Adrift” can barely pick up the pieces left behind from the bombast of the previous 3 tracks. It is a haunting poem of depression and isolation. The cellos and piano played by Alison Chesley mark the first time Jason and Alison have recorded together in 22 years (the last Verbow album was tracked in 1999).

“End This Love” is a message of love and support to the LGBTQ+ community. “She loves her and he loves him, there’s nothing you can do to end this love, A or B or AB or O, we are all one of these four”.