Squirrel Flower

Tomorrow's Fire (Polyvinyl)

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Just ahead of summer’s final days, Squirrel Flower — the moniker of Chicago-based musician Ella Williams — presents her new single/video, “Intheskatepark,” from her forthcoming album, Tomorrow’s Fire, out October 13th on Polyvinyl. The album glides effortlessly over emotional states of being, lightness and heaviness, and today’s “Intheskatepark,” sounds like a dispatch from a bygone world. The scuzzy pop production nods to Guided By Voices, as Williams sings about crushing under summer sunshine. Of the track, Williams says: “I wrote this song in 2019 on a little toy synthesizer. To me, this song is everlasting summer — even as things change, seasons, feelings, relationships, you can still try and feel the perfect lightness of summer, of a new crush, of a pop riff. It’s best listened to while biking around in the sunshine.”


This fall, Squirrel Flower will embark  on a headlining tour beginning in US and extending internationally in 2024, bringing her incredible full-band live set to audiences around the globe. Full dates are listed below and tickets are on sale now.


Following her acclaimed 2021 LP, Planet (i), and its subsequent Planet EP, Squirrel Flower might’ve been labeled something like “indie folk”; but Tomorrow’s Fire is a rock record, made to be played loud. Its double lead single “When A Plant Is Dying” / “Full Time Job” — praised by Consequence as “grungy” and “mournful” — cemented this transition from acoustic tenderness to full-blown catharsis. Tomorrow’s Fire glides effortlessly over emotional states of being, lightness and heaviness, and cements Willaims’ status as one of indie rock’s finest songwriters.


Tomorrow’s Fire was produced by Williams herself at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville alongside storied engineer Alex Farrar (Wednesday, Indigo de Souza, Snail Mail), and a studio band composed of Matt McCaughan (Bon Iver), Seth Kauffman (Angel Olsen band), MJ Lenderman (Wednesday), and Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs). Its title references that of a novel Williams’ great-grandfather Jay wrote about a troubadour, named for a line by the Medieval French poet Rutebeuf, a troubadour himself: “Tomorrow’s hopes provide my dinner/ Tomorrow’s fire must warm tonight.” Centuries on, the quote spoke to Williams, who describes the fire as a tool to wield in the face of nihilism. Tomorrow’s Fire is what we take solace in, what we know will make us feel okay in the morning, how we light the path we’re walking on.


    May 30, 2024
    Kansas City, MO
    Farewell Transmission

    Jun 16, 2024
    Garden City, ID
    Visual Arts Collective

    Jun 17, 2024
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Urban Lounge

    Jun 19, 2024
    Denver, CO
    Bluebird Theater

    Jun 22, 2024
    St. Paul, MN
    Turf Club

    Jun 23, 2024
    Madison, WI
    High Noon Saloon

    Jun 24, 2024
    Chicago, IL
    Thalia Hall

    Jun 25, 2024
    Indianapolis, IN

    Jun 27, 2024
    Detroit, MI
    El Club

    Jun 28, 2024
    Toronto, ON
    The Great Hall

    Jun 30, 2024
    Somerville, MA
    Crystal Ballroom

    Jul 26, 2024
    Skokie, IL
    Out Of Space