Todd Terje & The Olsens

"The Big Cover-Up" EP (Olsen Records)

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Big news for those with the need to move their feet! Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Terje & The Olsens are proud to present “The Big Cover-Up,” out June 17th on Olsen Records. Appearing on record together for the first time, Norway’s premier disco troop have cooked up a double-pack dancefloor attack for your listening pleasure. Digging through their extensive collections of well-loved wax, Terje & the gang have specially selected a quartet of disco classics ripe for a remake. Forget re-edits though, this is “The Big Cover-Up” and the Olsen crew have hit the studio with all guns blazing on this wild version excursion. Covers and remixes of killer disco deep cuts cover 4 sides on this 2×12″ set, including songs by Martin Denny/Yellow Magic Orchestra, Martin Circus, Boney M, and Vangelis, as well as remixes of those numbers by the likes of Daniel Maloso, Dan Tyler, Prins Thomas, and Øyvind Morken.