SPARK (Secretly Canadian)

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Whitney will release their new album, SPARK, on September 16th via Secretly Canadian. Today, they present two new singles and lyric videos, “MEMORY” and “COUNTY LINES,” both of which find the band grappling with feelings of finality. Where “MEMORY” deals with mortality, album closer “COUNTY LINES” addresses the end of a relationship.


So I call up my old friends // I’m trying to avoid this silence // And I can’t hide from bad dreams // Where I think I’m turning into a memory,” sings Julien Erhlich on “MEMORY.”  As the song ends, it drifts with keys and a gorgeous string arrangement by Trey Pollard. “The lyrics of ‘MEMORY’ illustrate someone processing and eventually accepting their fear of death,” explain the band. “Halfway through writing the song our bandmate Will Miller sent along the chords for what would become the outro of the song without ever hearing ‘MEMORY.’ It was one of those harmonious moments where two separate ideas somehow fit together immediately. The final third speaking to the afterlife in a way we wouldn’t have been able to match with words.


“COUNTY LINES” is a classic ballad of heartbreak: “Heaven knows // You and I // Only tore ourselves apart // Even those // County lines // Couldn’t keep you in my arms,” sings Ehrlich. It features string arrangements by Rob Moose and saxophone by Sam Gendel.


Recently, Whitney made their Jimmy Kimmel Live! debut, where they gave a “trance-like and dreamy” (Uproxx) performance of previously-released single “REAL LOVE.” This appearance gives a taste of what one can expect on their North American tour, which kicks off this September. A full list of dates can be found below and tickets for all dates are on sale now.