Will Butler + Sister Squares

Will Butler + Sister Squares (Merge)

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Will Butler + Sister Squares Miles Francis, Julie Shore, Jenny Shore, and Sara Dobbs — present the video for “Saturday Night” from their new, self-titled album out today on Merge, and kick off their North American tour at Elsewhere Zone One in Brooklyn tomorrow night. The “Saturday Night” video collages live and rehearsal footage of Will Butler + Sister Squares, a joyous distillation of their record’s infinite grooves and a perfect teaser for their forthcoming tour.


“Saturday Night” began as a 30-second outro for album cut “Me & My Friends” but was willed into existence by Will’s friends and collaborators. “Miles developed it out into a real groove; I added a verse,” says Will. “Julie proposed a chorus (which we ended up even just keeping as ‘Na’s’). We tried to give it Björk-style production. This song isn’t against partying, isn’t against people. Sometimes you want to be alone, but you don’t want to be alone, maybe.”


“This song arose out of so many spaces,” adds Miles. “It was built from a loop Will had made in his basement. I took that loop and fleshed out the groove at my studio [Synthia Studios]. Julie had vocal ideas at her place in Brooklyn and sent voice memos. We recorded the party vocals and tap dancing at Figure 8 Studios. It reached the finish line back at Will’s place.”


Created amongst friends and family, the 14 tracks on Will Butler + Sister Squares present a cocoon of grooves that are tailor-fit for dancing around the living room with the ones you love, or in a packed venue with those looking to lose themselves to the rhythm.


While the band is touring, playwright David Adjmi’s Stereophonic (featuring original music written by Butler) premieres off-Broadway at Playwrights Horizons in October. Additionally, Will is scoring the upcoming Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson crime thriller, Lips Like Sugar.